Protesters voice their disapproval over firing of Lafayette’s police chief

LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – We are beginning to see some fallout after Lafayette’s police chief was fired. Thomas Glover was on the job for only nine months. Some in the community are outraged over Glover being relieved of his duties.

A group of concerned citizens gathered in front of city hall in protest on Friday. They held signs that read “Shame on you Mayor Guillory”, and “We stand with terminated former chief of police Glover”.

“Lafayette Mayor Josh Guillory has again shown his true colors by terminating a black police chief, who was implementing great changes in our community,” said Pamela Jolivette, of Lafayette.

Glover took office December 31, 2020. He was the city’s first black police chief. Before coming to Lafayette, he spent 39 years in law enforcement. He retired from the Dallas Police Department, where he was deputy chief.

LCG says Glover’s termination is a personnel matter, and will not be discussed. The distrust of Guillory by some in the black community over other matters, now leads them to question his motivation to fire Glover.

“Josh Guillory’s reckless actions have harmed our community. His continued attacks on strong black men is a testament for his hate for our community,” said Jolivette.

The protestors are looking forward to the next Lafayette city council meeting, where they hope to get a reason why Glover was fired. The next meeting is on Tuesday, October 19th.

Written by Mark Rigsby

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