Latest scam targets consumers’ private information and money

Lake Charles, LA (KPLC) – It’s called “smishing,” and it’s yet another way scammers have devised to get consumers to give up some information or money they shouldn’t. It’s a form of phishing that attacks mobile phones, and it’s usually aimed at getting your personal information.

Smishing is when scammers send a text on your phone to try to trick you into paying something or giving up personal information – and it’s happening more and more often in our area.

The Better Business Bureau of Southwest Louisiana is warning consumers about smishing, saying they get calls every day.

For example, take a text received by one person saying a $92,000 settlement is granted but must be confirmed by today. Or another, claiming you have $8,900 coming because you’re a safe driver.

SWLA BBB President Angela Guth warns, don’t click on the links.

“Trying to get the end-user, whether the recipient on the text message or the recipIent on the email, to give some sort of information – personal information, financial information,” Guth said. “Or they’re basically just trying to take over your computer by putting malware on your computer or your device.”

Or the text may seem to simply have information for you.

“It may be an attempt to say ‘hey, your package that you are expecting has a new delivery date or a new delivery address,’” Guth said.

So, what’s legitimate?

A text message distributed on Shelters for IDA victims is real. You can tell by searching for the link on another device. It will take you to a state website that explains they will never ask for social security or banking information.

But if you search for the $92,000 settlement link, you’ll see it leads nowhere. Page not found.

Guth says most legitimate texts are those we sign up for like reminders for doctor appointments. And they usually don’t have links.

Written by Theresa Schmidt

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