Louisiana State Police employee placed on administrative leave after misconduct complaints from LSU student

BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) – A Louisiana State Police employee is on administrative leave after an alleged incident with a Louisiana State University student.

The LSP employee was placed on leave last week with all law enforcement property recovered pending the conclusion of the administrative investigation.

The complaint of the student involves an allegation of misconduct that took place while the LSP employee was working in conjunction with LSU in connection with the away game against Mississippi State.

Louisiana State Police say it is still early in their investigation and they are still conducting interviews to determine if any wrongdoing occurred. The name of the trooper has not been released.

“Upon learning of the allegations, our agency took immediate action to begin the investigatory process and ensure that both the complainant and our employee were notified of the steps being taken,” stated Colonel Lamar Davis, Louisiana State Police Superintendent. “As the investigation progresses, we will ensure all circumstances of the alleged incident are investigated thoroughly and fairly while remaining committed to our citizens and agency personnel with transparency and professionalism,” said LSP.

According to LSU:

“We’re aware of an incident that occurred, the proper protocol was followed in reporting to the Office of Civil Rights & Title IX, and the Title IX process is currently being carried out,” said an official with the university.

Attorney Sherman Mack is representing the alleged victim in this case.

He spoke with WAFB over the phone Wednesday afternoon.

“Right now, there’s an allegation of an alleged incident that was grossly improper. She reported that directly to her bandleader.

State Police is doing an investigation, and she is giving her statement to State Police later on this week.”

“She intends to tell the truth; she intends to work with State Police and any LSU official that comes into contact with her. She’s just a college student that wants to get on with her life.”

“The allegation is one of assault. It will have to be determined what kind of assault, by whatever investigative agency is doing the investigation. But she is making a claim of assault.”

“This is a good family; these are good people. I’ve known them a very long time. They support law enforcement; they do not want to infringe on law enforcement or degrade law enforcement. These are law-abiding citizens who have a deep admiration for State Police and law enforcement.”

Written by WAFB Staff

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