Whataburger launches shirt collaboration on Teacher Appreciation Day

source Whataburger

SAN ANTONIO — Whataburger and Tumbleweed TexStyles, a business co-founded by two Texas teachers, have partnered together to create a t-shirt that pays tribute to all the teachers out there, just in time for Teacher Appreciation Day.

Whataburger said the ‘Whatateacher’ shirt is part of a seasonal collaboration between the two companies that featured the ‘Whatadad‘ shirt for Father’s Day in 2020.

“With the on-going success of our “Whata” series collaboration with Tumbleweed TexStyles, it only made sense to honor teachers with their own WhataTeacher t-shirt,” said Rachael Jones, Whataburger Director of Retail Operations. “Our WhataMom, WhataDad, and WhataGrad t-shirts all recognize our everyday heroes and biggest fans—so WhataTeacher was a natural next theme.” 

The Whatateacher shirt is only available for a limited time, but Whataburger said those who buy the shirt will also receive a Whataburger lanyard as a gift while supplies last.

Written by Natassia Henry

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