Jake’s Fireworks attorneys allege government altered emails to support guilt in chemical trafficking case

BEAUMONT, Texas — The defense team for the owner of Jake’s Fireworks is taking aim at the federal government saying the government altered emails to make their client appear guilty.

The federal government alleges that the Nederland business acted as a front for Right Price Chemicals.

Jake Daughtry, along with 9 others, is being accused of running an elaborate chemical trafficking organization.

Jake’s Fireworks was raided by federal and local agents in July 2020.  The federal government alleges Jake’s was a front for Right Price Chemicals, a company alleged to have distributed BDO, commonly identified as a date-rape drug.

BDO is a chemical manufactured only for industrial or laboratory use as a floor stripper or vehicle wheel cleaner and is not intended for human consumption.

In court documents obtained by 12News, the defense team filed a motion saying “Multiple emails between a chemical distributor and Right Price Chemicals were altered in a way to support a finding of guilt on Defendant.”

Written by Scott Eslinger (12NewsNow)

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