Conroe ISD principal apologizes after racially insensitive comments made toward students

Students at Oak Ridge High School in Conroe say their principal was being racially insensitive. They were planning a walk out but canceled it after he apologized to students, parents and staff.

CONROE, Texas – A high school in Conroe ISD is getting unwanted attention, and the principal is now apologizing after students claim he was being racially insensitive during a school event last week.

“It wasn’t a problem dressing like Dr. Dre, it was the analogy he used to degrade us and degrade our school spirit,” said Nia Dixon, a junior at Oak Ridge High School.

It was suppose to be a day full of school spirit for Oak Ridge students last Thursday. On their school sprit day they were allowed to dress up in 90’s throwback attire. But students tell FOX 26,  it went awry after they claim their principal Dr. AJ LiVecchi made comments implying they were thugs and gangsters with a Dr. Dre reference.

Students say, a group was gathered in what’s known as the “pit,” a common gathering place, when faculty told them they were too rowdy. The principal later took to the intercom to address the school.

“Our principal kept saying we were being disruptive and that there was a standard that we need to uphold, when people were just excited,” said Miya Mungo, a senior at the high school.

The incident grabbed the attention of community activist Quanell X, who spoke for many of the student and parents concerned after Dr. LiVecchi was caught on camera saying it’s not a good look for the school.

Students claim the principal was only targeting Black and Hispanic students and the attire they chose to wear.

In a statement the principal said, “I made an announcement that I am not proud of – I addressed the attire of the students instead of addressing their behavior, and for that I apologize. Today, I met with groups of parents and students to begin the healing process so that we can move forward as a community.”

The students had planned a walk-out for Monday, but it was canceled after the apology from Dr. LiVecchi.

Written by Tiffany Justice

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