Waco ISD launches app that allows students to report bullying, threats

WACO, Texas (KWTX) – The Waco Independent School District launched STOPit, a new application which allows students to submit anonymous tips to report bullying, threats, dangerous situations and other potentially dangerous activity.

“There’s always a stigma around tattling or snitching, which makes it harder for students to feel comfortable enough to speak up,” said Dr. Rachelle Warren, assistant superintendent for student services and support.

“Bullies are empowered by a culture of silence, so we hope the STOPit tool will empower students and give them a new way to stand up for themselves and others.”

The district said that cnce the STOPit mobile app is downloaded, users can anonymously submit an incident report consisting of an image, video or text message.

Administrators will then be able to respond and get help to the student in need.

The app also allows for anonymous two-way communication between students and administrators.

App users will be able to provide identifying information if they wish to do so.

If you decided to remain anonymous, the district will not be able to identify you.

More information and resources, including videos and FAQs, can be found online at

Written by KWTX Staff

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