Suspected catalytic converter thief’s vehicle caught on camera after stealing from Texas Avenue business parking lot

COLLEGE STATION, Texas (KBTX) – A College Station realtor is warning others about a crime we’ve reported on lately. College Station Police said they are averaging around a dozen catalytic converter thefts each month.

The latest crime reportedly happened at 4 p.m. Thursday.

“We were just sitting here working at our desk and heard a noise, so we looked outside the window and really couldn’t tell where the noise was coming from,” said Tandy Bone, a Realtor and Listing Coordinator at Coldwell Banker, Apex, Realtors.

“I saw a guy popping out from under one of our cars holding the catalytic converter. Put it in his car. He’d parked right next to it and then took off and from the time the sound started till he pulled off was 60 or 90 seconds,” she said.

Now Tandy Bone’s co-worker will have a costly repair. The suspected thief in a BMW SUV got away. It was a gold colored car with temporary paper tags.

Bone can’t believe the thief hit in broad daylight not far from busy Texas Avenue and University Drive.

“It’s irritating,” she added.

This is not the first time a catalytic converter has been stolen from this business. They say about six months ago, one of their company cars was hit. It’s also a Honda Element.

“It made a really loud noise and so we had it checked out and that’s when we found out that they had taken the catalytic converter from there too and I think that’s what made me realize yesterday when I saw him laying under the car and then pop out with it I think that’s what made me realize what he actually had taken,” said Bone.

“The audacity. It’s just kind of scary when you think about you know how desperate someone must be to take that kind of risk. But we’re all safe,” said Cherry Ruffino with Coldwell Banker, Apex Realtors and the Cherry Ruffino Team.

College Station Police said they’ve seen 46 cases since June. Bryan Police report they’ve had five catalytic converter thefts since September 1.

CSPD said in most cases they don’t believe the thieves are local.

The victim of this latest crime tells us she is working with her insurance on a claim for the loss.

Written by Clay Falls

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