City of Killeen Police, Fire Departments go head-to-head in annual competition

KILLEEN, Texas – Boots vs. Badges!

The Killeen Fire and Police Departments battled it out to see who can get more votes during their annual blood drive.

“We caught you guys by surprise. It was a very secret surprise attack, so you didn’t see it coming,” says Fire Chief James Kubinski.

For three years in a row, the police department has won – but not this year. The police department received 26 votes and the fire department got 34.

“Feels pretty awesome for the first time here, as chief of the department, to be part of this and pull out a win our first time out,” says Chief Kubinski.

The police department showed amazing sportsmanship on Thursday afternoon.

“Definitely in it for the community. The fire department and police department team together on a blood drive, and this is about bringing awareness to the need for blood donations,” says Commander Tony McDaniel.

Of course, there`s no real “loser” – as both departments joined in the life-saving battle to help the community donate 55 units of blood, which can save about 150 lives. This year, their goal was to get 60 units donated, but they went above and beyond – they were able to get 64 units.

With the police department losing the challenge, they had to wash the fire trucks.

“But it was a little different this time. Up to win in three straight years, to now happened to be humble, and now to wash their trucks,” says Commander McDaniel.

“I’ve been walking around each vehicle and inspecting very closely. I would say that, to be quite honest, if they were cadets with the fire academy, they probably have to go back to remedial training. But given that they’re police officers, well, give them a B,” says Chief Kubinski.

Written by Jessica Rivera

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