Central Texas Market established for military health care

CENTRAL TEXAS – The Defense Health Agency (DHA) established the Central Texas Market on Wednesday.

A market is a group of military treatment facilities which work together and operate as a single system. The single system shares patients, staff, budgets and other functions across facilities. The goal is to improve readiness and health care services, and to standardize things from location to location.

“Establishment of this market is an acknowledgment of your accomplishments,” says Bryan Lein, of the DHA. “The medical leaders, the line leaders, our community and VA partners working together to ensure the best quality and outcomes for our patients.”

The Central Texas market includes the Carl R. Darnall Medical Center, ten medical homes, five Embedded Behavioral Health Clinics, and an Intrepid Spirit Center across Killeen, Copperas Cove and Fort Hood.

“The challenges that we’re going to be facing as a military health care system, and the only way that we’re going to get after it, is getting after it together as one community,” Lein said. “Not as four separate communities of Army, Navy, Air Force and Defense Health Agency, but one community.”

You can view the full ceremony on Facebook.

“We’re going to make this a success, because we owe it to the patients that are out there, the soldiers, the beneficiaries, the families, the retirees and the community, [they] deserve nothing less than the best.”

Written by Malley Jones

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