TikTok challenge encourages students to damage school property, steal from teachers

Lumberton — A new social media challenge is raising concern for southeast Texas school districts, including the Lumberton Independent School District.

A TikTok challenge is encouraging students to steal from teacher, even damage or steal school property.

Lumberton ISD says it’s witnessed such cases, including vandalism of school property.

“A lot of things that are deemed appropriate or encouraged on social media is not something I find appropriate for my children,” said Keilah Drake, mother of two.

Danny Sullins, Chief of police, says his department is ready to respond saying, “law enforcement and or the school administration is not going to put up with anybody tearing up our schools.”

Chief Sullins says after officers looked into these challenges online, they discovered a new TikTok challenge that encourages students to slap a teacher or staff.

“I can tell you right now, that’s assault on a public servant, that’s a felony, and we’re not gonna put up with it. And I don’t look for us to have any kids do that, but if they did, we’re gonna take them to jail,” added Sullins.

The chief says there have not been any reports of damage but vows the district will prosecute if there is any major damage.

In a statement sent out to parents, Lumberton ISD says:

“There is a new challenge every month. We have witnessed vandalism and stealing of bathroom supplies, teacher supplies, signage, etc. We have also had a rise in students trashing our restrooms.”

The district is encouraging parents to talk to their children to explain the consequences of these challenges on school property, and the students themselves.

Written by Rocio De La Fe

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