Texas GOP Proposes New Redrawn Congressional Maps

ACROSS TEXAS — Texas lawmakers released a proposed draft of a new congressional map for the next ten years that includes two new districts in Houston and Austin.

Texas was awarded two new congressional seats after the 2020 Census, growth fueled primarily by 2 million new Hispanic residents. Those shifts threaten Republican control of the state, but GOP mapmakers’ first draft appears to fortify their advantage for incumbents, particularly in areas Democrats have made a push to flip in recent years.

Under the proposed map, many fast-growing suburban districts would have their Republican seats fortified with more voters pulled from surrounding rural areas.

Republicans currently have 23 House seats, while Democrats have 13.

The first draft is a starting point and likely will undergo changes before being sent to Gov. Greg Abbott for approval in the coming weeks.

Texas is redrawing its districts without federal oversight for the first time in over 50 years after a 2013 Supreme Court ruling removed mandatory federal approval of new maps for Texas and all or parts of 15 other states with a history of discrimination in voting.

To view the proposed map, click here.

Written by Jeffrey Perkins

Categories: Politics

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