Burleson County Sheriff’s Office investigating dogs chained in the woods, no evidence of animal cruelty

CALDWELL, Texas (KBTX) – A Houston woman touring land for sale in Burleson County came across something that concerned her. She found dogs chained up in the woods and thought it didn’t look right.

The Burleson County Sheriff’s Office is now investigating the case of dogs tied up in the woods in the Beaver Creek subdivision.

While the images may be sad to see, the sheriff’s office said they don’t see evidence of animal cruelty.

“It was eight dogs here at first. It was said it was 30 and I’m sure, on what I understand, on pictures there may have been more than eight. We’ve looked at the dogs, they’ve all got food and water. They all look healthy,” said Sheriff Gene Hermes of Burleson County.

Nayla Garcia sent photos to KBTX after seeing them while visiting the for sale property.

“I went to tour a piece of property. I had permission to be on the property… It was very alarming and very unnerving. It was very sad to see,” she said.

Hermes went see the dogs in the woods Monday and said a deputy went Sunday afternoon and also found the dogs to be ok.

Hermes said this will most likely be a civil case. They’re trying to track down the dogs’ owner who has been leasing the property.

The property owner wants to evict them.

“It sounds like the person may have defaulted on the payments and they just need to evict them,” Hermes said.

Garcia and the Sheriff urge residents to contact law enforcement if you think animals aren’t being properly cared for.

“We don’t have animal control, it doesn’t mean that we can’t do anything,” said Hermes. Me, myself I wouldn’t have my dogs tied up and set in front of a dog house. I just wouldn’t do that,” said Hermes.

“We are a group of Christians first and foremost and we answer to God and it is our responsibility to have dominion over animals right? To be in charge of them. To take the responsibility, care,” said Garcia. “I saw something that was not right and it doesn’t line up with my faith and I reached out to the authorities and I reached out to the community in that area.”

The sheriff also said the dogs had shelters and shade.

Gov. Greg Abbott vetoed The Safe Outdoor Dogs Act earlier this year that would expand the state’s animal cruelty laws, but he’s asking lawmakers to try again during this latest special legislative session.

Written by Clay Falls

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