Local nonprofit hosts carwash fundraiser to fulfill mission of helping people obtain reliable transportation

COLLEGE STATION, Texas (KBTX) -Reliable transportation is a necessity that many of us take for granted; however, there are families in the Brazos Valley that don’t have the luxury of having a vehicle of their own.

Since 2017 the nonprofit OnRamp has worked to help families who are in urgent need of a reliable vehicle. In following that mission. OnRamp held a carwash fundraiser Saturday to help raise critical funds.

“OnRamp is partnering with Christian Brothers Automotive for a carwash event, but also to raise money for the next set of vehicles that OnRamp will be giving away to families in need here in the Brazos Valley,” said Blake Jennings, OnRamp founder and president.

“There are so many families right here in the Brazos Valley that can’t get to work or to school or to doctor’s appointments because they don’t have reliable transportation,” said Jennings. “They’re in desperate need, so we are here to raise money, to provide vehicles for them so that they can do the things that they need to be self-sufficient in life.”

Knowing firsthand the challenges of not having a quality vehicle can have on a family is Cheyna Talley. She and her daughters came to the event to volunteer and wash cars.

Tally received a vehicle from OnRamp a few years ago.

“Today OnRamp is doing a carwash, and it’s to raise money as they donate cars to people in need. We actually received one ourselves a few years ago. So we’re happy to be here,” said Talley. “It’s such a blessing that you don’t expect or you don’t understand. To the people who help and donate the littlest ways, it can just change a family’s life.”

“We got our car about three, almost four years ago, and I’m actually going to buy a new car myself and pass that one on to someone else in need,” said Talley. “For us to come out here and for my daughters to see the people who helped us and to be able to help other people is just what we want to do and what we want to be a part of.”

Written by Donnie Tuggle

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