Arizona Republicans’ ballot recount confirms Joe Biden still winner of 2020 election, draft report says

PHOENIX — A five-month-long Republican-ordered review of Maricopa County’s 2020 presidential vote confirms that Democrat Joe Biden defeated Republican President Donald Trump, according to a three-volume draft report obtained by 12 News.

The review’s hand recount of all 2.1 million ballots widened Biden’s victory margin by 360 votes, according to the draft report, dated Monday, Sept. 20.

The long-delayed findings of the multimillion-dollar partisan review are scheduled to be released at 1 p.m. Friday in the Arizona State Senate. The event will be livestreamed here

The affirmation of Biden’s victory in Maricopa County – the first in 72 years by a Democratic presidential nominee – is a rebuke to the Republican voters, politicians and former president who contended, without any evidence, that Biden stole the election from Trump. 

The election review was run and funded by people and organizations that promoted the lie that Trump won.

Arizona and Maricopa County taxpayers have spent more than $3.5 million and counting on the review.

As of the end of July, outside organizations funded by undisclosed donors had funneled $5.7 million to the review. 

Draft versions of the three-volume report were circulated widely Thursday in media and government circles.

12 News confirmed the source of the draft documents, as well as the authenticity of a significant portion of them. 

Senate President Karen Fann, who authorized the unprecedented election review without a vote of the full Senate, declined to confirm the results.

“We will all find out tomorrow in the report,” she said in a text message to 12 News Thursday night. 

“There is a lot of information you all need to see.”

Maricopa County said in a tweet: “The candidates certified as the winners did, in fact, win

Notations in the margins of some of the documents indicate they are subject to change. 12 News has learned work on the documents is continuing into the evening Thursday.

Written by Brahm Resnik

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