With each vaccine available, pharmacist discusses which COVID-19 vaccine people are choosing

NAVASOTA, Texas (KBTX) – Grimes County residents are seeing more flexibility when it comes to which COVID vaccination they might get.

First Baptist Church in Navasota partnered with Brookshire Brothers Friday to offer free vaccines.

Residents from Navasota and around the Brazos Valley headed to the church on a Friday for their first ever COVID vaccination clinic.

Participants had the option of choosing the Moderna, Pfizer or the single-dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine, which has been harder to find, according to patients KBTX talked to.

“Every vaccine has it’s advantages. We don’t force any vaccine on anybody. We don’t force a vaccine on anybody our only job is to offer it. Moderna has been seen in trials to be the most effective against this current variant and the Johnson & Johnson vaccine has just been the most convenient for patients who don’t want to come out more than once,” said Hanna Bobrovnyk, Brookshire Brothers Navasota Pharmacy Manager.

Bobrovnyk said the Pfizer vaccination was also popular Friday. Currently, it’s the only one authorized for children 12 and up.

“It’s been really a blessing to be able to offer the Pfizer vaccine here in Grimes County because we’re the only ones in Grimes County who have the Pfizer vaccine,” she said.

“This is a way we can minister to the community here in Navasota and the Brazos Valley. We’re thankful to be able to go ahead an do it. It’s the part of the job that we have as being good partners with our community,” said Clyde Larrabee, First Baptist Church Senior Pastor.

Folks coming to the church are also getting their flu shots. Doctors are expecting a very active flu season.

“If you want to get the flu and the COVID vaccine there is no reason to delay one or the other. They can be You can receive them on the same day at the same time,” said Bobrovnyk.

In all 21 vaccines were given out Friday. About half of those were flu shots.

Bobrovnyk said there are also questions about booster shots for COVID.

“Anybody who’s over the age of 65 or anybody between ages of 18 and 64 with health conditions is authorized to get the booster for the Pfizer vaccine if that’s been at least 6 months from their second dose. Johnson & Johnson and Moderna booster are still in the works. The Moderna and the Pfizer vaccine has been authorized to get a booster if a patient is immunocompromised,” she said.

The church will have another vaccine clinic on Oct. 22.

Written by Clay Falls

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