Residents waking up to find their cars on bricks without wheels

Lake Charles, LA (KPLC) – Some locals are finding out their new vehicles are a target for thieves.

“I woke up to bring my kids to school and walked outside of our apartment complex and my daughter was like, ‘Mom, where’s your tires?,’” Danika Monier said.

Cars robbed in plain sight left sitting on blocks.

“And I look and all four of my tires on my brand new car were gone,” Monier said. “It was sitting on blocks in the front and nothing on the back. And I was just like kind of in shock.”

And across town, it was the same story.

“You walk out the door and you see your car just lifted up, sitting on cement blocks with no tires and no rims. And I was just like, ‘excuse me?” Paula Hilliard said.

These victims and several others have one thing in common – they all own Honda Accords.

“The officer that had showed up had left and came right back with another officer, and he said that he had got a phone call also down the road,” Monier said. “ same kind of car, same kind of rims, they were [the] same kind of blocks underneath them as well. And they were taken also.”

Danika Monier noticed the trend when she was tagged in a post on Facebook.

“I got tagged in a post the day before yesterday and it was another – same Honda Accord, rims taken, same blocks, everything,” Monier said. “And so, I kind of commented on the post, and she reached out to me and kind of conversated about what happened and kind of noticed its kind of a trend. Same car, model, tires, rims everything.”

Leaving the victims feeling uneasy.

“I feel violated now. I feel unsafe,” Monier said. “I feel like I can’t even go to sleep at night, because my car might get taken or my tires might get taken again.”

Now, that’s just the story of two people in the Lake Area.

We did reach out to Lake Charles Police Department, but they would not give a comment at this time because it is an ongoing investigation.

Written by Madison Glaser

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