Central Texas school bus driver accused of shutting off air conditioner to punish unruly students

BELTON, Texas (KWTX) – A group of Central Texas parents is calling for a bus driver to be fired after the driver allegedly turned off the air conditioning to punish students.

Parents and students who spoke with News 10 said that on the route home from school, the bus driver stopped the bus, pulled over to the side of a highway and shut off the air conditioning in response to students being unruly.

“We got on the bus and somebody was making a whistling noise and he got mad and he stopped the bus on the side of the highway,” said Hailey Wyndham, an 8th grader on the bus.

Students said the bus driver was stopping and going continuously for nearly an hour. Students can be seen in videos shared on social media hurling profanities at the driver. Some reportedly dialed 911 and others called their parents.

One student can be heard on cellphone video saying: “Mom it’s hot, he doesn’t have the air on and we’ve been sitting here for 30 minutes.”

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