At least 30 vehicles broken into during weekend burglaries

Beaumont — Beaumont police are investigating at least 30 auto break-ins, with one thing in common – they all took place during the same time frame and in the same general area. The targets: a senior living center and two apartment complexes.

“It was my car and at least 7-8 other cars that were hit all in the same line, all hit the same way, drivers window and passenger side window,” said Philip Broussard, whose car was broken into.

Beaumont police say the majority of break-ins took place at Collier Park Assisted Living Center, but thieves also targeted Odom Place Apartments and Chelsea Apartments.

“Absolutely its frustrating. It’s a problem that doesn’t seem like its getting any better. Of course, it happened to my grandfather, it’s about as frustrated as it can possibly be, because you can’t be there all the time and you can’t protect them all the time,” said Cory Christopher, whose grandfather’s car was broken into at the senior living center.

In a statement, Collier Park says, “We join our neighbors concern regarding the vandalism that occurred over the weekend. We hold dear the privacy and dignity of our residents who call Collier park home, and we hold ourselves to the standards of privacy anyone would expect within their own home we have provided our security camera footage to the Beaumont police department and are cooperating fully with their ongoing investigations.”

Chris Schuldt, Beaumont Police Department captain, says the number of vehicles targeted in one night was unusual. He says, “smashing windows is not really common these days, most of the time our auto burglars are looking for free goods, something that they don’t have to work for. They found a hunting ground that was a target-rich environment. They were able to get in because the lot was fenced off, its not easily seen.. so if nobody comes out then they’re free to go from car to car to car.”

Beaumont police say from March 1st to August 31 of 2021, there were 353 auto break-ins. Police say to prevent this from happening to you, never leave anything behind in your vehicle that might attract thieves.

Police say most of the items taken were laptops, purses, and in one case – a gun. Captain Schuldt says that out of the at least 30 break-ins this weekend, only four were reported.

Police are urging anyone who was a victim to contact them in order to help their investigation.

Written by Rocio De La Fe

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