Navasota tattoo shop owner passes away from COVID-19

Zeus Tijerina Jr. documented his journey with COVID-19 on social media.
source KBTX

NAVASOTA, Texas (KBTX) – A Navasota tattoo shop owner passed away last week after his battle with COVID-19, according to his family.

Zeus Tijerina, Jr.’s family says just a couple of weeks earlier, they also lost their stepfather, Ezequiel Gonzalez, to COVID-19.

The 39-year-old’s mother, Maria Palacios, says it has been incredibly difficult to lose both her son and her husband in the last month.

“He called one day and said he couldn’t walk,” said Palacios. “I asked him if I needed to call 9-1-1 but he didn’t want to. But he then decided to go to the hospital to see a doctor.”

His sister Silvia Tijerina says he went to the emergency room a few times, and one of those times called his family and made sure they were aware of his wishes in case something happened to him.

“His last words were like, ‘take care of my mom.’ So that’s what I remember about him. He was always caring about my mom,” said Silvia.

While Zeus was in the hospital, he posted some photos to his social media about his experience. One post was talking about losing his stepfather, and how he was sad he could not go to his funeral because he tested positive for COVID-19.

The next one, three days later, was a photo with him receiving supplemental oxygen. He said, “Take the vaccine! Don’t risk it. This might be all I wrote.”

Just over a week later on September 10, he passed away.

“I don’t think he wanted it to take anyone else or take their lives for granted,” said his sister, Diamond. “And say this is how real this stuff is. This is real, and you could see the fear in his eyes.”

His family says many knew Zeus because of his work at Lone Star Iron Tattoo Shop in Navasota. His family says he loved art and design and was always drawing or working on art work. The family adds that they hope that his legacy lives on in the many people who wear his work today, and the lessons he taught younger generations about art.

“You have got a treasure them all you can, honest truth. When you don’t have them, you wish that you did,” said Silvia.

Written by Kendall Hogan

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