Orange police report Wednesday

A 40-year-old woman from Orange was seriously injured Wednesday morning when the car she was driving crashed into a tree along Simmons Drive.

Orange police report Janeece Jones had incapacitating injuries and was taken by Acadian Ambulance to Christus St. Elizabeth Hospital in Beaumont. The collision was at 7:50 a.m. Wednesday in the 2000 block of Simmons at the intersection with North Street.

Police said she was driving a 2005 Honda Accord eastbound on North Street. She went through the stop sign on North, crossed the traffic lanes on Simmons Drive, and went into the tree on the east side of Simmons.

Orange police also on Wednesday arrested three people in three separate cases for drug possession.

The first one came at 12:17 a.m. as bands from the tropical storm were bringing rain and wind. Officers reported they were patroling on Meeks Drive and saw a woman carrying a large bag walking from the parking lot of International Apartments.

The officers said they were concerned about her safety and stopped to check on her. She gave different stories that were “hesitant and vague” about why she was out. The officers thought she might be a car burglar. She let them look inside the bag.

The officers, while checking her wallet, found a small baggie with methamphetamine. Then, she told them she had a “point,” slang for a hypodermic syringe, in her pocket. Police reported the syringe appeared to have liquid meth inside.

The officers arrested 35-year-old Crystal Marie Hutchinson and took her to the Orange County Jail.

At 5:30 in the afternoon, officers went to the Sunset Grove Apartments on Sunset Drive after a person called and said a woman was being held against her will.

When officers went to the door of the apartment, the woman living inside said she allowed a man to stay there, but he would not leave when she told him to.

Police report the man was sitting down and they could see a small plastic baggie sticking out of the fifth pocket of his jeans. The baggie contained a small amount of cocaine. Travis Devon Smith of Oakdale, Louisiana, was arrested for possession of a controlled substance and taken to the Orange County Jail. Police also issued him a trespass warning for the apartment.

Wednesday night at 10:40, police got a 911 call from a child saying their mother was in a fight. The call was disconnected, however police traced it to the Orange Inn and Suites off Interstate 10.

Officers saw a red Cadillac car parked outside a designate spot. It was running with the lights on. When officers walked up, they could smell burnt marijuana.

They reported the woman in the passenger seat had a tray with remnants of marijuana and she wiped them onto the floor. As some officers checked the car, other ones checked around the hotel for fighting, but found none.

The officers at the car had the passenger and a male driver get out. According to the police report, the woman had a zebra print bag  and inside was some methamphetamine in a small metal container.  Inside the car, officers found torch-style butane lights, and two glass pipes.

29-year-old Nina Ann Pittman of Beaumont was arrested for possession of a controlled substance and taken to the Orange County Jail.

Written by Margaret Toal

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