Lufkin ISD receives $7.5 million grant to provide after school care for students

LUFKIN , Texas (KTRE) – Lufkin Independent School District received a $7.5 million grant that will help campuses to offer after-school care to students.

The 21st century Texas Ace Program grant will be implemented at Lufkin ISD campuses in $1.5 million installments for the next five years. The grant helps to provide after school and summer programs for all ten of Lufkin ISD’S primary and elementary school campuses. Lufkin Assistant Superintendent Shelly Slaton said they’ve never had this extensive of an after-school program before.

“We’re going to be able to serve about 1200 students in grades k-5 after school. So we’ll be able to provide them academic support, that may help us recover some of the losses from COVID-19,” Slaton said.

The program will run all year and will also be available throughout the summer. Lufkin ISD said bus transportation drop off will be offered to the parents that need it. Project director Mary Gail McCarty said they’ve started a pilot campus.

“We started a program with one school just so that we could practice rolling it out and it’s at Anderson elementary. And we’ve been able to offer lots of fun activities,” McCarty said.

Slaton said there will be opportunities for academic growth as well as enrichment activities for participating students.

“We will also be able to offer them enrichment. Really fun activities like zumba, sports, maybe karate, cooking. We’re working with our community partners on that end right now,” Slaton said.

The grant limits the number of students allowed to participate at each campus. Registration forms will be collected on a first come first serve basis and are due by Friday September 17.

These after school programs will begin at Lufkin ISD on September 27 for elementary school campuses and October 4 for primary school campuses.

Written by Brianna Linn

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