FAA grant bringing improvements to Easterwood Airport

COLLEGE STATION, Texas (KBTX) – Improvements are coming to Easterwood Airport that will make operations safer and smoother for aviation there.

A Federal Aviation Administration grant will bring $5.9 million worth of work at the airport. They will be realigning one of their main taxiways, which will allow for more aircraft parking and make it safer for larger aircraft to use the taxiway.

The improvements also help the airport manage growth as the community grows.

”This is a big safety project to revamp one of our taxiways because currently it is a little bit too close to the ramp on that side which restricts it’s use, a lot of larger aircraft, commercial and private aircraft cannot use that taxiway right now because it’s just unsafe and it’s too close to the ramp,” said Ryan Clements, Easterwood Airport Director of Security.

“Our vibrant community deserves to have an airport that matches the quality of its people and capacity to adapt to the area’s rapid advancements. I greatly look forward to seeing Central Texans’ lives enhanced by this endeavor,” said Representative Pete Sessions, (R) – District 17.

Work on that project starts in January. They’ve been planning for it for several years.

Written by Clay Falls

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