Shrimpers take advantage of Nicholas in Cameron Parish

Holly Beach, LA (KPLC) – Cameron Parish has been one of the areas of most concern as Nicholas rides along the Texas-Louisiana coast.

“The rain has come off and on. It’s just kind of been in bands,” Wesley Miller said. “Sometimes it was really this morning, but the wind has been, it has been consistent. It’s been really hard all day long.”

Though storms typically drive people away, Miller said it’s the reason he came here.

“Since there was a little bit of storm surge, that was what I was looking for – for the incoming tide is why I came down here to be able to shrimp for a couple of days,” Miller said.

High winds and rough water in the Gulf can be some of the best conditions for a shrimper, according to Miller.

“With the tidal surge coming in, it’s pushing water into the lakes and pushing water into the marsh,” Miller said. “And it makes the shrimp run. So, I came down here, specifically yesterday, just to throw my cast net in the Sabine Wildlife Refuge and catch shrimp. And I was very successful.”

Miller said he’s glad to have made the trip down from north Louisiana to his family’s house in Holly Beach.

“I knew if I got down here and got in a bind, I could just drive back to north Louisiana,” Miller said. “So, it was just, it was one of those 50/50 things to come and try it out. And it worked out well for me.”

Other residents at Holly Beach said this storm hasn’t been too bad. However, after being through so many storms, many residents grow anxious anytime strong weather threatens the Gulf.

Written by Andrea Robinson

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