Nacogdoches Fire Dept to Relocate Some Fire Stations

NACOGDOCHES, Texas (KTRE) – The Nacogdoches Fire Department is making a proposal to relocate most of the city’s fire stations. The projects include combining the downtown fire station with the one at E. Main Street and Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard. They also hope to relocate stations at Old Lufkin Road and North Street. Fire chief Keith Kiplinger said this discussion began at the end of last year.

“We have a station that was built in 1952 and two that were built in 1953 and so they’re very old and the community looks dramatically different today,” Kiplinger said.

Kiplinger said the proposal would make a huge improvement on staffing and would allow for enough firefighters on a fire truck to really make a difference.

“The biggest benefit is when two firefighters arrive on a fire engine there’s very little they can do. When you have three firefighters on a fire engine one is available to pump the truck and the other two are available to execute rescues at a car wreck at a house fire,” Kiplinger said.

Kiplinger said that the response times would largely stay the same with the four station model, but combining the downtown fire station and the station on E. Main Street and Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard would be beneficial since they are located about a mile away from each other.

“When the stations were originally built, the substation two was originally built, The fire trucks were pulled by horses and mules, and it was very difficult to climb the hill with a fire truck. So the second fire station was built there intentionally,” Kiplinger said.

The proposal is still in it’s planning stages.

“For today, four stations is a very good answer, but again, we want to have those conversations with the community,” Kiplinger said.

Kiplinger said he hopes to have a proposal submitted to city council by the end of this year.

Written by Brianna Linn

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