Bryan-College Station Artist Exhibiting Her Art At Ground Zero

Artwork: “Never Forget” by Coleen Bradfield and “The Rescue” by Davis Sites. (KBTX)

BRYAN-COLLEGE STATION, Texas (KBTX) -To commemorate the September 11th attacks on America, local artists Coleen Bradfield and Davis Sites were invited to display their artwork at the Ground Zero 360 exhibit in Dallas.

The exhibit and gala are being hosted by the Museum of Biblical Art. The Ground Zero 360 exhibit was created by artist Nicola McClean. It honors first responders, victims, and families affected by the 9/11 terror attacks.

Artwork from Bradfield and Sites, along with pieces from 65 additional artists including former President George W. Bush, will remain on display at the museum until March 31, 2022. Both artists say they wanted to memorialize one of America’s most tragic events while displaying the courage of first responders and unity of those who call America home.

“The painting I have on display in Dallas is titled Never Again. It basically is designed to express the feelings and the reactions that I had to the attack on our country on September 11th, 2001,” said Bradfield. “It portrays the importance of the American flag, the unity that our country had during this terrible time and it shows how so many of the Americans and anyone who lived in this country was united in prayer and in loyalty to the country.”

“I tried to display that by showing, first, my shock at the explosion of the towers when the planes hit followed by houses, hundreds of houses displaying the American flag,” said Bradfield.

Sites, whose birthday is on 9/11 says this day holds extra meaning for him.

“The painting is called The Rescue. I wanted to convey the feeling of the rescuers when they were going through the rubble to try and find survivors,” said Sites. “I wanted to try to make the person looking at the painting feel how horrible it was for them to try to find and rescue somebody and then finally find one and how grateful they were to find those people that survived.”

Written by Donnie Tuggle

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