What’s Going on In Killeen? Third Homicide in Three Days

KILLEEN, Texas — A young woman murdered on Tuesday night marks the third homicide in Killeen in three days, a sudden and violent turn.

“We have our full investigative team working on the cases now and my heart goes out to those families. I can only imagine what they’re going through,” said Killeen Police Department Chief Charles Kimble.

All three recent victims are 21 and under leaving many concerned about the young adults and youth in the community.

“The young man who lost his life sadly on Westcliff. It’s really sad because he was a smart kid,” said Brothers Against Community Crime Brother Josh.

Police Chief Charles Kimble said they have 12 murders so far this year, nearly half the amount at this time last year. Despite the lower numbers, Chief Kimble said they are still looking for a cause behind the recent spike.

“We strongly suspect that drugs are involved, in particular, high-grade marijuana and meth. Also, handguns are the weapon of choice that has taken place with these murders,” said Chief Kimble.

Now, a renewed push to try and get through to troubled youth who may think violence is the only answer.

“We want to talk to them. We want to help them resolve conflict. You don’t have to use a gun to solve a problem,” said Chief Kimble.

“There should be more resources put out for the youth to be engaged further, so they can stop all the violence,” said Brother Josh.

Chief Kimble also said much of their crime is on the northside of town, so they plan to do more community policing in those neighborhoods, part of an effort to save lives.

Written by Jarell Baker

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