Teens Cited in Bridge City Alligator Shenanigans

The 12-foot gator in the rear was captured by Gary Saurage of Gator Country at Lake Sam Rayburn. Saurage has been called out by wildlife officials twice recently to capture and remove two large alligators, a twelve-footer from Lake Sam Rayburn and a 11.5-footer from League City. Both were removed from their environment because it was determined that humans were feeding them which creates a hazard for anyone that may get close to them. Photo made on August 7, 2020.
source Fran Ruchalski

Three teenagers have been cited for taking a 7-foot alligator near Bridge City during closed season.

Orange County Game Wardens received a report from the Orange County Sheriff’s Office that several deputies were attending to an alligator near Bridge City, according to a Wednesday Texas Parks and Wildlife law enforcement report.

“A game warden responded to the popular fishing spot and discovered three teenagers had caught a 7-foot alligator,” the Texas Game Warden field notes said. “The youths had also enlisted the help of another person to kill it.”

Charges are pending and the alligator was turned over to a nuisance control hunter, the notes said.

Here are more items compiled in the TPWD report:

Trial by Fire

A Polk County Game Warden responded to a boat fire on Lake Livingston. The warden found five people swimming near the boat engulfed in flames, which prompted his quick action to save lives.

“A young boy swimming from the flames stated he was tired and could not swim well,” the report said. “The warden removed his gun belt, swam toward the boy, and pulled him to safety. He noticed another individual struggling to swim and assisted him safely back to shore.”

All five people were safe and unharmed during the incident. The boat fire was extinguished by Onalaska Volunteer Fire Department.

The Other White Meat

The Texas Game Warden Criminal Investigation Division provided Bexar County Game Wardens with information regarding an individual selling deer meat on Craigslist, the report said.

“The game wardens responded to a residence in Southern Bexar County where the suspect admitted to attempting to sell the deer meat and gave information where the white-tailed deer had been killed,” the report said. “The individual was cited for selling white-tailed deer meat.”

What’s My Age Again?

One person was arrested for public intoxication and another was arrested for the purchasing/furnishing alcohol to a minor after Wise and Jack County Game Wardens observed a man who appeared to have passed out on a pontoon boat.

“His legs were hanging from the passenger compartment near the engine while the vessel was underway,” the field notes said. “The wardens stopped the boat and determined the subject was underage and highly intoxicated.”

“Other minors on the boat also admitted to consuming alcohol,” the notes continued. “An adult on the boat confessed to one of the wardens that he provided the alcohol knowing underage occupants were consuming it.

Citations for minors in consumption of alcohol were issued to the occupants who allegedly had a “detectable amount of alcohol in their system,” the report said.

X Marks the Spot

A digger was arrested by Bell County Game Wardens who were contacted by a local landowner’s agent who was on the property hunting hogs when he came across a man digging for arrowheads without the landowner’s permission.

“Wardens arrived on the scene and discovered an eight-foot hole the suspect had dug and several artifacts,” the field notes said.

The report said the man had a lengthy criminal history and had recently been released from the penitentiary. He was charged with antiquities code violations, criminal trespass, and criminal mischief.

Cases are pending, the report said.

Party Foul

A Travis County Game Warden issued multiple citations to a person operating an illegal party boat.

“In an attempt to skirt party boat regulations and avoid trespassing charges, the captain of the vessel coached the attendees of a bachelorette party to announce themselves to the marina as ‘friends,’” the report said. “Consequentially, the party boat was denied access to the marina. However, the marina was kind enough to provide a legal captain and lease the party another vessel to finish their celebration.”

Deep in the Weeds

A man was arrested on four narcotics charges and a parole warrant by Jackson County Game Wardens.

The wardens were patrolling the coastal area of Jackson County for fisheries enforcement. They observed two people sitting in a truck at a local boat ramp of Carancahua Bay with kayaks in the bed of the truck and fish in a trash bag.

The report said a man on the driver’s side allegedly appeared nervous during conversation and changed the topic every time the wardens asked numerous times if there was anything illegal in the vehicle

“Eventually, he stated that there was a little bit of weed in the vehicle,” the field notes said. “After conducting a search of the vehicle numerous drugs were discovered and seized including: 17 grams of methamphetamine, a THC vape pen, and thirty pills of hydrocodone and amphetamine.”

Written by Meagan Ellsworth

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