Runaway Vinton Juvenile Found Joyriding in Orange

On Wednesday September 8, 2021, at 11:40 pm the Orange Police Department learned that a juvenile runaway from Vinton, Louisiana was in Orange driving a gold Nissan Murano.  Officers located the vehicle, which failed to stop when the officers activated their emergency lights. 

Officers pursued the vehicle through Bridge City and Port Arthur.  The driver of the vehicle finally stopped at the Island Store located at 1900 Martin Luther King Drive on Pleasure Island.  

The vehicle was reported stolen from Toomey, Louisiana.  It was driven by a fourteen-year-old female juvenile.  Also in the car were a second juvenile female, a juvenile male, and a young adult male. 

The fourteen-year-old driver was detained at a juvenile facility.  The other young people were released to their parents.

No one was injured during the event. The investigation is ongoing between the Orange Police Department, the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff’s Department, and the Port Arthur Police Department.

Written by KOGT Radio

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