A Year After Hurricane Laura FEMA Opens New Resources Center in Lake Charles

Lake Charles, LA (KPLC) – FEMA’s new Resource Center has opened at the Lake Charles Civic Center. It’s a place disaster survivors can get help making an appeal.

Some people who had no insurance have struggled tremendously to get their homes repaired since our string of disasters.

And the FEMA Resource Center, here for one month, may be their last hope.

Vera Ellis’ house in Lake Charles looks okay from the street. She has a roof and some new windows, but inside, the ceiling is coming down, the back door is barely held in place, and there are other damages. She’s spent her FEMA money and her own savings.

“I came to get assistance to help finish fixing on my house,” Ellis said. “They have sent me some money, but it wasn’t enough to fix the house, so I need a little more assistance.”

FEMA’s Resource Center is set up, ready and waiting to serve those in situations like Vera’s. FEMA spokesperson Tiana Suber says they want to help.

“And make sure that those who suffered from Laura and Delta and the winter storms and the May flooding will continue to get the help that they need here,” Suber said. “We have another resource center because there’s still a great need. And when there’s always a great need, we try to continue our mission here.”

Ellis says she was told how to proceed after meeting with a FEMA specialist.

“I need to get another estimate of everything that needs to be done now and write a letter with the estimate and saying that I need them to reapprove this,” Ellis said.

And weighing on Ellis’ mind are things FEMA doesn’t do. Things like cut fallen trees on private property, that look more like bushes as time passes in a neighborhood where many other houses appear abandoned.

The Resource Center is open from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday in the Contraband Room of the Lake Charles Civic Center. It lasts through October 8, so be sure to get in before it’s too late. No appointment is required.

Written by Theresa Schmidt

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