Plano Man Indicted for Unprovoked Fatal Knife Attack on Complete Stranger, Victim Was Sweeping a Parking Lot

Artemio Flores-Yanez Photo credit Plano Police Dept.

A Plano man has been indicted for murder, accused of stabbing an innocent man to death while the man was out working.

Perhaps the most important question in the murder of Emilio Romero is why it happened.

The 69-year-old El Salvador native was sweeping the parking lot of the Plano Bazaar on Jupiter Road when he was attacked with a knife and stabbed several times. He died a short time later at a Plano hospital.

Police say one witness followed the man believed responsible until an officer arrested 54-year old Artemio Flores-Yanez for the crime.

A police department spokeswoman says detectives tried several times to talk to Yanez and get a reason why he would attack a man whom friends described as friendly and peaceful, but Yanez would not answer questions.

Yanez is now under indictment for murder and in custody on $1 million bond.

Written by NewsRadio 1080 KRLD

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