Covid Cases Drop in Vidor, But Local School District Still Suffering from Bus Shortages

Vidor — As schools in southeast Texas deal with a surge in COVID cases, many are seeing its impact affect transportation. Multiple districts, including the Vidor Independent School District , are dealing with a shortage of bus drivers out due to COVID-19.

Jay Killgo, district superintendent, released a statement in which he addresses cases and the shortage:

“Vidor ISD continues to monitor our numbers of staff and students that are battling Covid. The end of last week gave us great hope. Our new cases dropped substantially on Wednesday. When looking at week-to-week trends, our end-of-week reflected 50 fewer student cases and 20 fewer faculty cases. Our transportation staff is returning and we are almost fully staffed again. We realize that Covid-19 will likely be a challenge for much of the year, but we are hopeful that the worst is behind us. Vidor ISD will continue our cleaning protocol and monitor our data in the best interests of our students.”

Written by Rocio De La Fe

Categories: Economy, Education, Health

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