Bryan-College Station Habitat For Humanity Seeks Your Help

COLLEGE STATION, Texas (KBTX) – For years, BCS Habitat for Humanity has been providing safe, reliable housing to families who otherwise may not be able to achieve that.

Kathryn Greenwade works at the Association of Former Students, and is an avid supporter of the work that Habitat does around the community.

For Greenwade, she says it is a beautiful organization that brings the entire community together to make a difference in peoples lives

“Everybody has an investment in the process. The families have an investment, they are investing sweat equity hours, so they’re playing a role in building their own homes and building the homes of others,” said Greenwade. “People from the community have an investment, businesses have an investment in it, so it’s a great example of a difference I can make with everyone pitches in.”

BCS Habitat For Humanity began in the area in 1989. Since then, they have helped build 300 homes. In the building of the homes, the family who is selected has to work 500 “sweat-equity” hours, and 300 of those must be for a home other than theirs. Children can also pitch in by doing well in school and bringing home good grades.

Over the years, many local organizations have pitched in with either work groups, or by donating time or money.

Greenwade says that at the Association, they like to get groups together to help build these homes as a way to give back to the community, and create a teambuilding experience.

“You can volunteer as a group to come out and help with the build, at Habitat you can be a donor financially, and you can make contributions that help sponsor a home or help to offset the cost of the home,” said Greenwade. “It’s great to see the power of groups coming together.”

KBTX will be holding a telethon all day Thursday, Sept. 9. If you would like to contribute to the organization for this telethon, you can click here.

Written by Kendall Hogan

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