While Serving a Warrant, Lufkin Police Shoot and Kill Man, Second Lufkin Police Shooting in 24 Hours

LUFKIN, Texas (KTRE) – Texas Rangers in Lufkin are investigating an officer-involved shooting, the second to occur on Tuesday.

The most recent incident took place around 5 p.m. at Bigs, formerly known as Cherry’s Grocery on North Raguet Street.

Angelina County Sheriff Greg Sanches said sheriff’s deputies were serving a felony warrant with Lufkin police officers assisting. Sanches said the man who was shot was armed and a store customer. According to a statement by City of Lufkin Spokesperson Jessica Pebsworth, the suspect was a convicted felon, registered sex offender and also was wanted by the Texas Board of pardons and Parole with a warning that he has violent tendencies.

When confronted, Pebsworth said, the suspect produced a handgun and aimed it at the deputy. The deputy then shot the suspect, causing the suspect to fall to the ground. While on the ground, Pebsworth said the suspect reached for the handgun, at which point the Lufkin Police officer also shot the suspect.

Pebsworth said the deputy and the officer then began lifesaving measures on the suspect, who was then transported to a local hospital by EMS where he later died.

“Angelina County is a good county. It’s just that every once and a while you have things happen and sometimes, they’re close together when they do happen,” said Sanches. “And so, the perception is it does look bad, but I don’t think it is as bad as it appears.”

The incident was unsettling for store employee Travis Washington.

“He had just walked out the store to go pump his gas. And next thing I know I heard gunshots,” recalled Washington. “I don’t know exactly what happened. This is first time I’ve ever been in something like this or thru something like this.”

The Texas Ranges are now investigating both officer-involved shootings. This is the second officer-involved shooting for the Lufkin Police Department in less than 24 hours.

Written by KTRE Digital Media Staff

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