Texas’ Mclennan County Highest Covid Numbers in the State

MCLENNAN COUNTY, Texas — The video above was published in September. 

McLennan County has the highest COVID-19 hospitalization rate in the state, as of Sept. 7, according to the Texas Department of State Health Services. 

The county is currently at 33.8 percent and has over 1600 confirmed COVID-19 cases. 

There are currently 13,499 lab-confirmed COVID-19 hospitalizations in the state, according to TXDSHS.

This comes after two McLennan County teachers died in a week in August due to COVID-19 causing the entire Connally Independent School district to close all of their campuses. 

As of Sept. 7, more than 3 million cases have been reported in Texas and 57,238 people have died. There are a total of 287,879 active cases.

  • Vaccinations: Around 16.6 million people received at least one dose (69%) and 13.9 million people (58%) are fully vaccinated, as of Sept 7.
  • Hospitalizations: 13,499 COVID-19 patients were in the hospital. There are only 7,731 available hospital beds and 334 ICU beds.

Written by  BriShon Mitchell

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