Evadale to Redo Water Lines Dating to 1970s By Next Year

Workers for San Antonio Water System work to repair a water main that broke in the early morning hours of Monday June 15, 2015 on the 300 block of Essex near the intersection of Hackberry on the city’s East Side. The crew plans on replacing a broken concrete main with a new pvc pipe. Essex will remian closed most of the day until repairs are completed.
source John Davenport

Evadale’s decades-old water system will soon see some repairs — the result of funding from the Texas Water Development Board.

Earlier this summer, the city received a $300,000 loan from the Texas Water Development Board for the repair of their aging water system.

Installed in the 1970s, the half-century old water distribution system is showing serious signs of wear and tear.

“They’ve got a pretty old water system,” said Jasper County Judge Mark Allen. “They’re trying to replace several things but also expand it a little bit for better coverage to try to improve those conditions for their citizens down there.”

Nearly 1,000 residents of the Evadale Water Control and Improvement District No. 1 are relying on deteriorated and undersized water pipes, which are leaking and breaking, thus straining old wells and contributing to water loss, service interruptions and unreliable production of water and wastewater services, according to a project funding request from the district.

The new loan aims to remedy this by using dollars from the Drinking Water State Revolving Fund to replace 9,000 feet of damaged water lines with polyvinyl chloride piping.

The money will be provided in the form of 100 percent loan forgiveness, which means it will operate much like a grant, Allen said. As the district abides by the agreed upon terms and conditions, which ensure that the money is used specifically for the project at hand, the district won’t have to repay the loan.

“It’ll really help them to improve their infrastructure down there,” Allen said. “Sometimes these grants help you make a much bigger leap, and so I’m proud of them.”

Construction is slated to start July 31, 2022 and end on July 31, 2023.

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