What will happen to Roe vs. Wade now that the Texas ‘Heartbeat bill’ is law?

On Wednesday, Texas’ “heartbeat bill” became law, after the U.S. Supreme Court voted 5-4 to deny an emergency appeal from abortion providers and others who sought to block enforcement of the law.

Congressman Joaquin Castro (D-San Antonio) told Inside Texas Politics there is no question Roe vs. Wade is in jeopardy now after the Supreme Court ruling. He said he expects a full-on legal battle from here on out. 

“This is, as President Biden said, a bizarre law,” Castro said. “I believe it is fundamentally unconstitutional, that it is an overreach, that the very conservative Republican Texas Legislature is trying to take away women’s healthcare rights.”

Further, the Texas law now sets up the legal fight that Republicans have been pushing for for decades, with the goal that the Supreme Court strikes down Roe vs. Wade.

Experts say the way the  law is written – with private citizens as the enforcers of the law and not the government – could make it harder to bring legal challenges against it.

Written by Berna Dean Steptoe, Jason Whitely

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