Health officials stress COVID-19 precautions ahead of first game day weekend

BRYAN, Texas (KBTX) – Brazos County Health officials are stressing that even with the excitement around town for the first Aggie Gameday, it’s important to not forget to take COVID-19 precautions.

Brazos County Health Authority Dr. Seth Sullivan says we need to keep in mind the same things we talk about with any gatherings.

“Think about the concepts we have been talking about this whole time,” said Sullivan. “We are trying to avoid crowded spaces, we are trying to avoid poorly ventilated areas.”

Dr. Sullivan says that even with Aggie tailgates outside, and Kyle Field being an open-air stadium, visitors and fans need to remember that this virus is spreading quickly in our community.

“We know there is a large degree of transmission of this variant in our community right now, and we also know this is around us,” said Sullivan. “So we know that those who are visiting this community, there is a near certainty that visitors to this community will have this virus.”

With that in mind, Sullivan says those who plan to watch the game indoors, whether that be at a bar, restaurant or home, to be vigilant and recognize the risks being taken to make sure you can stay as safe as possible.

The number one thing health officials say the community can do to make sure that they stay safe, is to get vaccinated.

“I think our best tool for this is vaccination. We keep saying it because it keeps being true, and we do our very best to get that message out,” said Sullivan.

The Aggies kick off against Kent State Saturday at 7 p.m.

Written by Kendall Hogan

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