Waco Grand Jury Clears Officers in Apartment Shooting in McLennan County

WACO, Texas — A McLennan County Grand Jury completed its review of an Aug. 3 incident where nine Waco police officers discharged their weapons while on duty.

The incident occurred while responding to a shooting at an apartment complex at 701 Rambler in Waco.

The shooting resulted in the death of the suspect who committed a murder.

After all the evidence was reviewed, the Grand Jury cleared Waco officers of any wrongdoing.

The Texas Rangers and the Waco Police Department’s Special Crimes Unit conducted a joint investigation of the incident and forwarded the case to McLennan County District Attorney’s Office once it was completed.

The District Attorney’s Office presented the case to the Grand Jury, who, after further review, decided the officers followed state law.

“We are very appreciative of the attentiveness and thoroughness of the investigation and review of evidence by the Texas Rangers, the Waco Police Department’s Special Crimes Unit, the District Attorney’s Office, and the McLennan County Grand Jury. Our officers were forced to make a tough decision during this critical incident and I’m grateful that neither they nor any other innocent citizen were injured. I am thankful that our officers are back to full duty and have been cleared by the Grand Jury,” said Chief Victorian.

Written by Anissa Connell

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