RV Park and Dog Owner Arrested After Four Women in Park Attacked By His Dogs

The alleged owner of a number of vicious dogs that have attacked and injured at least four women at an RV park just north of West was arrested Wednesday evening on felony charges, while deputies continue to search for the former park manager.

McLennan County Sheriff’s Office investigators have arrested Charles Stanley, 52, the owner of Waco North RV Park, and have a warrant for Mendy Jackson-Hughitt, former park manager, each on a third-degree felony attack by dog charge. Another warrant charges Stanley with Class A misdemeanor interference with an emergency request for assistance after he reportedly took the cellphone from one of the women who tried to call for help after she was attacked.


It was not clear Wednesday evening in which of the four reported attacks Stanley and Jackson-Hughitt are being charged because arrest affidavits giving details of the allegations were not available.

Stanley told the Tribune-Herald on Tuesday that he has only two elderly Labradors living with him at the RV park. He said Jackson-Hughitt no longer lives at the park and took several dogs with her when she left.

A 66-year-old Abbott woman attacked at the park on Feb. 4 has filed a civil lawsuit against Stanley and Jackson-Hughitt, while two others attacked by the dogs in July and August have hired an attorney, also.

Stanley said he was aware of only one attack by a pack of dogs that the women, park residents and investigators say he and Jackson-Hughitt reportedly owned. However, sheriff’s office reports show he drove one woman to the hospital and talked to deputies after the three other attacks.

The women reported they thought they were going to die. One described how she came to look at an RV on the property when several dogs ran up and began to circle her without barking. Soon, others joined in and she suffered serious bites to her arms, legs, back and hands, according to her statement.

She said she covered her neck with her hands because the dogs were trying to attack her throat.

She wrote in a statement to the sheriff’s office that she cried out for help as “the dogs were tearing at me from every direction.”

“I knew I would die soon. I needed help badly,” she wrote. “I was terrified and hurting so much. They pulled me down. I curled up in a ball to protect my face and my neck and thought, ‘So this is how I’m going to die.’ While I was curled up in a ball, I covered my face and protected my neck. I knew they would be going for my neck … because they did not stop tearing at my flesh. It was a frenzy.”

She said Jackson-Hughitt ran up screaming, “Oh, my God, Oh, my God,” and told Stanley, “Go put up the dogs,” the report states. Jackson-Hughitt tended to her wounds and apologized before Stanley drove her to a Waco hospital, the report says. Stanley asked her on the way to the hospital how many dogs attacked her. She told him six or seven or more.

Kimberly Holley is seeking more than $1 million in damages in her lawsuit. She is represented by attorney Brian Butcher of Hurst.

“Mr. Stanley is egregiously negligent in his ownership of the RV park and in the ownership of these dogs,” Butcher said Tuesday. “We are interested in knowing how many other people have been attacked. But in addition to not taking responsibility for his RV park and his roaming pack of vicious dogs, it doesn’t seem he is at all interested in taking responsibility for the devastating harm that he has brought to people. This is somebody who makes money inviting the public to his RV park, but then puts the public in extreme danger.”

According to sheriff’s office records, one dog was impounded after one of the attacks, and four dogs were quarantined after the attack on Holley. Stanley and Jackson both were cited for the dogs not being vaccinated and were and given dangerous dog notices.

Written by Tommy Witherspoon

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