Paralyzed Man Indicted on Assault of a Peace Officer Charges in Beaumont

BEAUMONT β€” The Jefferson County grand jury has indicted a man on a charge of Assault on a Peace Officer in a case where his attorneys say Christopher Will Shaw was allegedly left paralyzed.

The grand jury indicted Shaw, 41, on the 2nd Degree Felony. If convicted, he could face 2-20 years in prison and up to a $10,000 fine.

According to a Probable Cause Affidavit obtained by KFDM/Fox 4 News, a Beaumont officer arrested Shaw June 12 on Roberts Avenue for Public Intoxication. In a Probable Cause Affidavit obtained by KFDM/Fox 4, the officer says Shaw showed strong signs of intoxication, and was intoxicated “on an unknown substance or other dangerous drug, to the point he did not have full use of his mental and physical faculties and was a danger to himself and others.” The officer said Shaw did not have a responsible party to be released to, and if left unattended, he believed Shaw would continue to walk in the road and be struck by a vehicle.

The officer says Shaw was taken to a hospital and medically cleared for jail. According to the affidavit, the officer removed Shaw from the patrol unit when they arrived at jail, and he says at that time, Shaw “tried to escape from custody by pulling away as I held him. Shaw was immediately restrained, as he caused us to fall, where I scraped both elbows, causing them to bleed. Once inside the booking area, Shaw became aggressive, pushing his body of the outside of a cell wall, using physical force to push against myself and correctional officers. Shaw then began using his legs and feet and intentionally and knowingly began kicking me in the shins and kneed me in the groin, causing pain. Shaw was eventually restrained and also charged with Assault on a Public Servant.”

According to his lawyers, Shaw was left paralyzed while in custody of Beaumont Police.

Shaw’s attorneys have viewed the surveillance video from the jail.

KFDM/Fox 4 has reached out to Shaw’s attorneys for comment on the indictment.

The Beaumont Chapter of the NAACP and civil rights activists held a news conference in July, demanding the release of police body cam and jail camera footage following the arrest of Shaw.

“Release the information and then we will sit back as you do the investigation, but we want to see what it is that you’re investigating,” said Michael Cooper, president of the Beaumont NAACP. “We want to see what was accused of this person that assaulted a man in handcuffs .”

Jefferson County Sheriff Zena Stephens has called in the Texas Rangers to investigate the allegations.

KFDM/Fox 4 has also formally requested any video of Shaw’s interactions with police.

Written by KFDM/FOX4

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