More Cable Thefts in Orange County

Phone and internet service outages recently may be caused by thieves. On Monday, AT&T reported 150 feet of 900 cable had been cut and stolen.

Officer M.T. Roush with the Orange Police Department reported he went to the  3200 block of 41st Street about 12:30 p.m. Monday to meet an AT&T employee. The area is north of the  Interstate 10 frontage road at Martin Luther King Jr. Drive.

The employee said he had been sent to check on service outages. When looking at the utility poles, he found where the cable had been cut.

Earlier in August, thieves in the middle of the night cut  more than 100 feet of AT&T cable from poles along FM 1130 south of Little Cypress Drive. The same weekend, three church air conditioning units had been stolen or damaged.

Thieves take the cables and gut air conditioners to sell the copper and other metals.

Written by KOGT Radio

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