Hammond Louisiana Residents Shocked At Devastation

HAMMOND, La. (KPLC) – The City of Hammond was hit hard by Hurricane Ida, as it was a category two storm when it blew through.

Driving around downtown Hammond, you’ll find a common theme – downed trees and power lines.

While driving around the hurricane-ravaged city and interviewing locals, our crew had no choice but to leave Hammond, because the cell signal throughout the city was down. However, KPLC did interview residents who returned home for the first time since the storm.

“We’ve never experienced anything like this.” Melanie Mahler said as she returned home for the first time following Hurricane Ida. “If I had cell service, I would not even have come over here. I would’ve called, and they would have assured me that everything was fine.”

Riding out the storm in her sister’s house, Leighanne Doody says the experience was very scary.

“Last night when we were going through, you know the eye of the hurricane, it was very scary,” Doody said. “The winds were very rough and lots of noises. We heard lots of what we think were tornadoes.”

David Quinn also had damage to his home.

“Yes, I had a pine tree go through my house – last night at about 12 or 1 o’clock,” Quinn said. “And we lost like 15 big trees in my yard, but the main one was the one that went through the house. It’s really messed it up.”

Quinn, a business owner, says it’s been stressful trying to balance both his work and personal life.

They all say living in Southeast Louisiana comes with a price – natural disasters. It’s a price they say they are willing to pay.

Written by Madison Glaser

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