Beaumont, Southeast Texas Area Hotels Filled With Evacuees from Louisiana

Beaumont — Hotels in southeast Texas filled up quickly with evacuees, some are already full. Many of them coming from cities throughout Louisiana as they wait for word that it’s safe to head back.

For Toye Morton and her family, heading west was the only option. Morton made the long journey from Laplace, a city near New Orleans, to the Courtyard Marriott hotel on Internet 10. They are among the hundreds of evacuees who’ll now be calling Beaumont home for the next few days.

“When we make it back… We just hope that we don’t have any loss of life, material things can be replaced anything damaged, that’s not a concern. We just hope we don’t have any loss of life, that’s it,” said Morton.

At the Red Roof Inn – Tammy and Andy Sperandeo, are evacuees from St. Bernard Parish. 16 years ago, they made the same trip west to Beaumont before losing everything during Hurricane Katrina.

“16 years ago is the same thing with Katrina, we came to Beaumont, so it’s been. A tough situation,” said Sperandeo.

For Chris Shields and his family from St. Charles Parish, stocked up on plenty of food, fuel and supplies hoping to make the return home soon.

“We’ve been through Katrina and some other areas after that and remembering how hard that was no electricity, no power for weeks on end in the water, so it’s better just to get away. Be safe, and then get home as soon as you can,” said Shields.

Written by Rocio De La Fe

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