Orange Man Harasses 911 Dispatchers

A man is now facing a charge of possession of methamphetamine after Orange police arrested him for harassing 911 dispatchers and abusing the system.

Officer M.T. Roush reported jailers found a small amount of meth as they were booking the man into the Orange County Jail. The meth was in a baggie in the man’s pants pocket.

Roush said police first got a 911 call about 12:30 a.m. Tuesday to go to Fox Run Apartments,  2600 Allie Payne Road. A resident wanted police to check his apartment to see if any intruders were there.

Roush said he did not find anyone inside. However, the man thought he was not a real police officer and wanted more officers there. The man also asked for his mother. Roush reported he explained that no other officers would come because there was no criminal action.

After Roush left, the man called 911 six more times in 20 minutes and used vulgar and abusive language to the dispatchers. The officer then went back to the apartment about 1 a.m. and arrested the man.

During the booking search at the jail, officers found the meth. Roush reported the jail wanted medical clearance for the inmate and Roush took him to the Medical Center of Southeast Texas in Port Arthur for a check-up before returning the man to the jail.

27-year-old Jason Anthonie Sinclair is facing a Class B misdemeanor charge for abuse of 911 plus a state jail felony for possession of a controlled substance.

Orange police were called to two vehicle burglaries in the Cypresswood development area off Highway 87 South near FM 105. The first call was to the 700 block of Cypresswood Street in the subdivision. The second call was to the Cypresswood apartment complex at 1040 South Highway 87.

Written by Margaret Toal, KOGT

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