Congratulations to New Liberty-Dayton CofC President Chavira

Jennifer Cantave Chavira Incoming President

Liberty-Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce welcomes Jennifer Cantave Chavira as the New Incoming President of the Liberty-Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce. Jennifer Chavira will replace Mary Anne Campbell former President.  

“I am very excited to join the Liberty-Dayton and surrounding communities as the New President & CEO of Liberty-Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce, I look forward to building and rebuilding the relationships with the business owners in our community. I love helping people, businesses, and the children of our future. I will work with our business owners and City Officials to make sure we are doing what is necessary in our community to keep it growing, thriving and ever so attractive for new businesses to come to our area.” said Jennifer Chavira President at Liberty-Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce.

“Many business owners are excited for the change and are ready to see the growth in the community.” Andrew Landry Clearent Services also serves as Tressure for the Liberty – Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce Executive Board. Having an active Chamber of Commerce to support our local business needs is vital to the community. As an area chamber, our interest spans beyond the immediate vicinity to issues and events throughout the region, and the state, that could impact our local communities and member businesses in Southeast Texas

The Liberty-Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce is open to foot traffic as well as online services. The Chamber is undergoing significant changes and upgrades as Mary Anne and her staff retires and pass the torch to the new incoming team. We welcome the change and look forward to the community embracing the new changes with us.

Founded in 1903, The Board of Trade was the forerunner for the Liberty Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce which was named March 25, 1977.


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