San Marcos Man Sentenced To 80 Years For Child Pornography

Jose Antonio Nasipak

A San Marcos man was sentenced to 80 years in prison Monday for possession of child pornography. 

Jose Nasipak, 26, was found guilty on 28 counts of possession with intent to promote child pornography, all second-degree felonies. 

District Judge Sherri Tibbe, 453rd Judicial District, delivered the sentence. After hearing additional evidence, she sentenced Nasipak to the maximum 20 years for each count. Tibbe emphasized child pornography’s “heinous and deviant nature,” while pronouncing the sentence, according to Hays County District Attorney Wes Mau. She said that “while it may not be possible to find and help the hundreds of child victims depicted in the pornography, a lengthy sentence would serve to protect the community, deter like-minded offenders, and provide some measure of justice for the victims.”

Tibbe chose to stack four of Nasipak’s sentences consecutively, which means he was sentenced to a combined total of 80 years in prison. 

“I share Judge Tibbe’s empathy for sexually exploited children,” Mau said. “Child pornography legitimizes and normalizes behavior that cannot be tolerated. Judge Tibbe’s sentence sends a strong warning to those who would seek out child pornography or otherwise victimize children.”

In October 2018, Hays County Sheriff’s Office detectives received a report from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) stating that Nasipak was using the internet to transfer child pornography.

HCSO detectives executed a search warrant on Nasipak’s apartment and seized his cell phone following an investigation. He later confessed to searching for and downloading child pornography. 

HCSO said he also confessed to transferring child pornography to others in exchange for additional pornographic videos and images.

Officials said sheriff’s office detectives executed additional search warrants on Nasipak’s cell phone and Dropbox account and found hundreds of files of child pornography and evidence that dated back to at least 2016. 

Mau complimented lead prosecutor Assistant Criminal District Attorney Ben Gillis, assisted at trial by ACDA Katie Arnold, along with the Hays County Sheriff’s Department Detectives Jennifer Baker and Nelson Wray for their work during the trial. 

Written by Nick Castillo

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