“The Hammer” Jim Adler Has Suit Dismissed Re: Fees He Didn’t Earn

HOUSTON – Back in March, a local man sued Jim Adler & Associates, claiming the “Texas Hammer” wants a cut of attorney’s fees that he didn’t earn.

Court records show Adler answered the suit on May 10 and asserted counterclaims, which the trial dismissed on July 2.

Plaintiff Avery Battle filed the suit on March 11 in Harris County District Court, seeking $100,000 in damages.

According to the lawsuit, Battle hired and fired Adler within a 72 hour time period to represent him in a car wreck suit.

Claiming he was not fired for “good cause,” Adler now demands from Battle one third of the attorney’s fees from the litigation, “despite being terminated before any actual legal work was performed and despite not contributing to the recovery obtained by (Battle’s) new counsel,” the suit states.

“Plaintiff never spoke with any attorney employed by Defendant, yet it demands more than then thousand dollars … while threatening civil action,” the suit states.

By filing the suit, Adler argues Battle is trying to “avoid paying a small share of the attorney’s fees” owed to his firm, court records state.

Adler’s counterclaims against Battler were for “defamatory libel” and “business disparagement.” The attorney sought $1 million in damages from the former client of 72 hours.

Battle is seeking declaratory relief that he does not owe any attorney’s fees.

Written by David Yates

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