College Station SWAT Standoff Resolved Peacefully After Fourteen Touch-and-Go Hours


The College Station Police Department said officers responded to a report of an armed man in the 4100 block of Whispering Creek Drive in the Spring Creek Subdivision who threatened to shoot another person.

CSPD officers arrived at the scene and said the man was alone inside the house. Officers said they went door to door for evacuations. They said multiple attempts to end the standoff were unsuccessful.

CSPD said around 2 a.m. the man surrendered. No injuries were reported and the investigation is ongoing with criminal charges possible though none have been announced at the moment. 

UPDATE JULY 22, 10:00 A.M. : 

The College Station Police Department tweeted this morning at 2:51 that they have reached a resolution in a nearly 14-hour standoff in the area of Decatur Whispering Creek with a suspect in custody. 

No injuries occurred during the resolution and at this time no additional public information has been released. 


Officers with the College Station Police Department are involved in a standoff in the area of Decatur and Whispering Creek. At this time, Public Information Officer Jonathan Shugart said officers are negotiating with the person inside a home and hope it will come to a peaceful end soon.

Officers responded to a welfare concern Wednesday morning in the area. CSPD’s SWAT & Negotiation Teams are on the scene and the department is asking people to avoid the area. It is not known at this time if there are any weapons involved though police said there are no injuries at this time.

Officer Shugart said to avoid the streets of Whispering Creek, Spring Garden, Spring Mist and Decatur. If you are in the area and have concerns, reach out to the non-emergency dispatch line at 979-764-3600.

Written by Jacob Reyes, Jordan Adams

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