Bryan Scammers Using Legit Business as Cover for Phone Scam

BRYAN, Texas (KBTX) – A Bryan business is warning potential students about a scam. They are hearing that someone is using their name and likeness and is asking potential students for personal information and money.

“We heard some information from a third party that they were called by someone called Black Wolf Community Academy and that they were asking did they want to get their CDL (commercial driver license),” said Marlynda Schmid, Owner and Trainer with Black Wolf CDL Training Center.

“And when they [potential students] say, ‘Yes,’ they [scammers] ask them for their personal information, their social security number, license, and $100 registration fee. So that’s something that we would never do here,” said Schmid.

Schmid is worried the scammers will hurt their business’ reputation and wants to make sure people aren’t taken for a ride.

“It is a bit frustrating because we’re here to put safe drivers on the road. We’re not about trying to scam you out of money,” Schmid said.

At this time it’s unclear how many people have been contacted by the scammers, according to Schmid.

If you get call a from someone claiming to be them asking for personal information, the company says you should call them back at their listed phone numbers, (979) 704-5005 and (833) 798-4775, or visit them in person.

“If someone does call you and ask you if you want to get your CDL and they are using any name associated with Black Wolf Community College or Academy or anything like that, that make sure that it’s not a scam. Come down and see us personally and we’re happy to help you,” Schmid said.

Additionally, Black Wolf CDL Training Center says they will never ask for money over the phone.

The business tells us they aren’t aware of any of their personal students getting contacted by the scammer so far, but other people in the community have.

Bryan Police tell us if you aren’t sure about the business you are talking to, to look up their phone numbers online or in the phone book to call them back.

Written by Clay Falls

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